Mission_log: New Site about Poverty and Homelessness

Hi everyone. This is a new site (thanks to wordpress blogs) to update and replace my old yahoo! geocities site. I’ll be migrating over most of the information and links from the old mission_log site to this new one, but will probably leave the existing stuff there as well as archives and so on. The site — http://www.oocities.org/mission_log/ — (geoCities closed down but has been archived by oocities.org) will primarily refer readers to this one.  Here I’ll be posting updates about my mission to help the homeless in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – also around the world, like New Orleans post Katrina, and neighbouring cities like Hamilton, volunteer opportunities, poverty relief training, harm reduction, etc.

Feel free to send me feedback. We all have an obligation to make poverty history as the saying goes, including homelessness and to alleviate the shameful conditions of the homeless, low income families, at risk street youth, and the working poor. I’m a hands-on street outreach worker with the homeless. I’ll give you the straight goods about issues like panhandling, squeegee kids, drug abuse and more. For more organizational stuff, click on the ABOUT link above.  The official site is still Project417.com — Talk to you all soon.


Andy Coates


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  1. Congratualtions!Your site has experienced great readership growth with more than 10,000 page views this month. Keep up the good work.

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