Let It Shine – King Louis Narcisse

from 1963, this reminds me so much of that little church in New Orleans! They use to sing it over and over while people arrived for church on Sunday morning.

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Hoax Emails – Why o’ Why?

Hoax Emails and the “Christians” Who Send Them:

If you’re like me, your inbox fills up with all these supposedly well meaning spiritual emails forwarded to you by friends and family purportedly from Christian writers….

To read the rest of this article visit the Missionlog Commentary Archive. <>< Andy

Andy is a full-time inner city missionary and writes this blog. After serving on several short term missions with a Mississauga Baptist Church, he left
corporate sales in 2003 to become an outreach worker to the homeless
with Ekklesia Inner City Ministries — Project 417, in Toronto.
Thousands of church volunteers have joined Andy for “sandwich runs,”
to deliver meals to homeless street people. His mission updates are
available online.  Andy has published articles on faith and justice at
http://christianity.ca/ and designed and maintains the website for Ekklesia Inner City Ministries at project417.com

Life verse: Romans 1:16 – I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it
is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…

Benefit Concert – Sat. May 31st – A Cup of Cold Water

Waiting outside at 1307 Bloor St. West for guests.Hey everyone! We need your help. Many of you know we’ve been hosting a free community dinner at Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship, 1307 Bloor Street West, Toronto, since January. It’s a free, home-cooked meal for anyone in the neighbourhood, many homeless or living in shelters.

This Saturday, May 31st, we’re having a benefit concert from 7PM to 10PM with the duo A Cup of Cold Water. Tickets at the door are $15. All proceeds go to funding the dinner – that is buying the fresh, nutritious food we serve every week. Cost to us each week is about $120 to serve up to fifty hungry guests. The total cost has been covered by the church so far, but we really need your help to continue long term.

The music will be great! Enjoy! And you’ll be helping the homeless. Also there will be CD’s on sale from A Cup of Cold Water, which proceeds will be split to add to the funds raised from tickets. So come on out.

Don’t forget you’re welcome to come any Wednesday to meet our guests, help out if you like and share a meal too!

Serving homecooked lasagne and salad ... please help.

Coffee Shop Tim Horton’s Turfs Homeless Woman

Obviously uncaring employees no empathy for the homeless. In my experience with a downtown Tim Horton’s Coffee I’ve found them generally to be sympathetic… to be continued –

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Bloor Lansdowne Community Dinner – Toronto

Every Wednesday night the Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship Church (1307 Bloor St. W) opens its doors to the community to serve a free home-cooked meal to the homeless, lonely and marginalized members of this Toronto community. Volunteers help with everything and make friends and share conversation with the guests – real community development. Make poverty history!

Visit the website at blcf.info

updated Jan. 21, 2009

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Africa – The BG Experience

Volunteering with an NGO in the Congo, two volunteers set out on a two year mission to share their expertise and help the people of DRC. Barb and Gerry (BG) were tireless volunteers with us helping the homeless in Toronto. Now ready for a bigger adventure…A great real time view of volunteerism and humanitarianism at work. Each of us can make a difference.

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More Than Good Intentions – Social Justice Working

A great new blog from Toronto, by a group committed to changing the community and helping the needy by getting out and DOING something. One of the founders, Victoria, came for short term summer missions with me years ago and has never lost the desire to be involved in social justice issues for the poor and homeless

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Toronto Army Reservists Charged in the Murder of Homeless Man

Street Nurse Cathy Crowe’s account detailing the brutal beating and murder of an an elderly, mentally challenged homeless man, Mr. Paul Croutch. The three members of the Canadian Army Reserve in Moss Park Toronto, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and were sentenced. I’m not a supporter of the “Housing Not War” campaign, but it’s hard to ignore the links here. What surprises me most is the almost total lack of public outrage over the murder. Except for the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee and other inner city poverty organizations, it’s off the public radar. I myself frequented Moss Park during the past two years and witnessed confrontations between reservists and my street friends. I have told volunteers of the killings and they have said they hadn’t even heard the news. Homelessness is just not a priority to most…Come with me, volunteer to help the homeless with Project417, show them you do care. Be a living memorial to Mr. Paul Croutch.

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Warrior of the Light Online – May 2008

Paulo Coelho’s blog. Writer, philosopher… extraordinary! Good article on being a writer for everyone…

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