Toronto Army Reservists Charged in the Murder of Homeless Man

Street Nurse Cathy Crowe’s account detailing the brutal beating and murder of an an elderly, mentally challenged homeless man, Mr. Paul Croutch. The three members of the Canadian Army Reserve in Moss Park Toronto, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and were sentenced. I’m not a supporter of the “Housing Not War” campaign, but it’s hard to ignore the links here. What surprises me most is the almost total lack of public outrage over the murder. Except for the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee and other inner city poverty organizations, it’s off the public radar. I myself frequented Moss Park during the past two years and witnessed confrontations between reservists and my street friends. I have told volunteers of the killings and they have said they hadn’t even heard the news. Homelessness is just not a priority to most…Come with me, volunteer to help the homeless with Project417, show them you do care. Be a living memorial to Mr. Paul Croutch.

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