Project417 Newsletter – June 2008 – Help the homeless

This is the latest update to the work of Project417 – Ekklesia Inner City Ministries and their programs to help the homeless. Find out about volunteering with the homeless in Toronto. Newsletter topics: Sandwich Runs to the Homeless; Bloor Lansdowne Community Dinner; New Orleans Rebuilding; Homeless Street Outreach; volunteer homeless toronto

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  1. Hi
    It’s quite something. Our blogs are very similar. Would you mind if I added your blog address to my blogroll. Take a look at . I am the founding director of Ve’ahavta, a Jewish humanitarian organization that works with the homeless and abroad. Take a look.
    Peace, Avrum

  2. Ve’ahavta does great work in Toronto! See them on the streets all the time helping the homeless. Check out Avrum’s blog and Ve’ahavta.

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