Remember this war hero? Untreated PTSD Drove Him to Suicide

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  1. What you don’t understand is, there is a real threat in all these middle eastern countries. The men and women who go to Iraq and Afganistan have done so knowing what they will face. They have trained and prepared for it, and many of them return for second and third tours.
    Our countries need to be secure. The terrorists need to be halted…or at least crippled. The insurgents are to be blamed for the continued presence of the these precious men and women in the troops, not our own governments. Opposing the war will only bring the terrorists back to power.
    Pray that our leaders make the right decisions guided by God, and that they acquire accurate knowledge of the situation so they can judge when the time is right to leave Iraq and other countries torn by terrorist threats and violent dictators.

  2. Well Leigh, I can see that you have listened carefully to all the western propaganda. Hopefully we can help change your view. The only real threat from Middle Eastern countries is the warlike foreign policies our own governemnt and allies take towards them. We do support our troops – I know they are prepared to serve for us no matter what, but it is our (Canadian) duty to deploy them responsibly. Your mistake is in assuming that Bush’s “War on Terror” is the solution to halt terrorism. To the contrary – it is just the type of war waged in Iraq and Afghanistan which has bred these terrorists. The west must stop invading and occupying foreign soil. Afghanistan has been invaded and occupied since the late 1800’s first the British, Russia, Soviets, now NATO including Canada. During the Soviet occupation the USA supported, armed and financed the same terrorist Taliban and Al Queda warlords as “freedom fighters”. Times change do they not? The insurgents are not responsible for our presence – we are. Our governments have decided to wage war, but it is we the people who are responsible and at risk for the mistakes of our leaders. Terrorists must be halted – yes! But it is not the precious lives of our troops which will stem the tide of terrorism. Only peace, reconciliation and forgiveness will heal the centuries old wounds which raise up terrorists. Canada does need to be secure from terrorist threat, we do that through defence, not offence. If our leaders were to be truly guided by God – then our troops would be home now. Our God is God of peace. God of love. He loves our troops. He will bring them home, when we learn enough to ask.

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