Increased Biofuels – Increased Hunger and Greenhouse Emissions

“Arguments Against Increased Use of Biofuel:
Critics have warned that expanding the growth of agri-products to make biofuels can lead to environmental damage, drive up food prices and lead companies to drive poor people off their lands to convert it to fuel crops, especially in developing countries.Key critics are members of the scientific community and charities addressing hunger.

Scientists in the UK and the USA have found that cultivation of biofuels may increase the output of CO2 and other gases (NO) blamed for global warming because of changes in land use. When the full cycle
of biofuels is considered it can be argued that the moderate tailpipe emissions savings are outweighed by far greater emissions from deforestation, burning, drainage, cultivation and soil carbon losses.

Greenpeace and Oxfam call the current EU policies reckless because fuel providers are not yet obliged to source biofuels from sustainable sources. Greenpeace states that rainforests are being destroyed to
make way for biofuel crops and that this destruction leads to massive greenhouse emissions. Greenpeace attributes 1/5 of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions to the destruction of peatland forests in
Indonesia to make way for palm oil biofuel production”…

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