Toronto Secord Ave Explosion: Evacuation Ended – Tenants Home This Weekend

Secord Avenue Site of Explosion

Secord Avenue Site of Explosion

About 900 residents who were forced from their east-end apartment building following an underground explosion last month will be allowed back into their homes starting this weekend. As building management made the announcement outside the evacuated building today, one angry resident interrupted to scold them over a broken promises…[end-quote, source – Toronto Star]

Project417 volunteers had assisted at the Secord Ave Public School evacuation site following the explosion. Since that time residents have had to be temporarily housed in City shelters or with friends and family. They have been required to continue paying rent and now the landlord is reportedly reneging on a promise not to require the standard 60 days notice to break leases. No clear explanation has been given for the cause of the explosion – which has been overshadowed by the recent massive propane explosion in North Toronto.

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