Hurricane Ike Damage – Galveston [photos]

This photo montage shows the true devastation of Hurricane Ike

This photo montage shows the true devastation of Hurricane Ike

From a former Houston resident now in Louisville, blogger and meteorologist: His blog has photos, tons of links to hurricane Ike and Gustav photos / video and helpful insight from someone knowledgeable who understands what it is to be there in the midst of it. Visit the blog and give him a shout at

Visit our MissionLog homepage for many more photos, hurricane relief efforts updates and volunteer opportunities.

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Relief arrives to hurricane-ravaged Haiti

Volunteers with OBI post eyewitness accounts from hurricane slammed Haiti after Ike Gustav …

OBI – Operation Blessings International is one of the organizations Project417 partnered with in New Orleans during Katrina. Our friend Jessica served with them this summer when they visited with Mr. Herbert Gettridge in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. We had helped gut-out and renovate three Katrina destroyed homes for the Gettridge family in 2006. OBI have active disaster-relief programs worldwide and are very busy this year with the hurricane season – Ike, Gustav and Hannah. The read more link will take you to their site where they have postings from volunteers currently in Beaumont, Texas and Port-au-Prince, Haiti for Hurricane Ike relief and in also in China following the recent typhoon.

Don’t forget to support Project417 and help the victims of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav.

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Breaking News: Haiti Earthquake Relief

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