Hurricane Ike Damage – Galveston [photos]

This photo montage shows the true devastation of Hurricane Ike

This photo montage shows the true devastation of Hurricane Ike

From a former Houston resident now in Louisville, blogger and meteorologist: His blog has photos, tons of links to hurricane Ike and Gustav photos / video and helpful insight from someone knowledgeable who understands what it is to be there in the midst of it. Visit the blog and give him a shout at

Visit our MissionLog homepage for many more photos, hurricane relief efforts updates and volunteer opportunities.

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  1. Andy, I appreciate the shout out. I posted your comment on my blog and see that it’s driven some folks back your way. I typically edit out people’s blog addresses in comments because I don’t want to be an advertising board. But, I found your site to be quite a worthy effort and thought it would be a good thing is some people bounced your way. However, in fairness, I noticed that you were under the impression that I am in Houston. My family is in Houston. My friends are in Houston. I grew up in Houston. I know Houston like the back of my hand. I just had a condensed version of the History MA thesis published in an academic journal but it is not the thesis that I intended. The subject was going to be on the development of the Houston Ship Channel after the 1900 Hurricane. I’ve read about that storm 30 years before Isaac’s Storm came out. But….I live in Louisville now! When you had commented that you had trees down but nothing like us, I thought you were referring to all the the damage we had here. I had no power for a week. My sister got her power on in Houston before I did here! In any event, I do appreciate your post and referral. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  2. Thanks so much Symon for clearing that up, and thanks for the trackback – yes quite a few people have visited today! Just want to get the news out, so the folks down there in Houston get the help they need. Keep writing that great blog – even though you’re in Louisville now, it’s apparent that your heart is still in Houston. I’ll be posting updates here when I get to Houston Friday (that is if I can get wifi for my iPod Touch ;) so check back and make mention if it’s worthy. <

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