Toronto Star Claims Getting Tough on Crime Waste of Taxes

Guelph Federal Detention Centre

Guelph Federal Detention Centre

The beginning of an 8-part special series from the Toronto Star. At issue is a new law (effective May 2008 ) that toughens mandatory minimum sentences. The Star claims this is no deterrent to crime and trots out misleading and incomplete statistics in support. Their opinion is soft on crime and hard on victims.

We have news for the Star – Prison sentences are not meant to be a deterrent to crime. They are a punishment for the criminal. While in prison, the inmate is separated from society and unable to inflict further crimes on the public. Increasing time served through mandatory minimum sentences absolutely protects the public from those inmates and increases public safety for the term of their incarceration.

In future blog postings we’ll look at how the Star manipulated statistics to distort and conceal the real human impact of crime in Canada.

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