Canadian Troops Kill Two Children at Afghan Checkpoint – TROOPS HOME NOW!

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UPDATE: Sept.8, 2008 – The latest news shows the civilian deaths are getting worse, Kabul Associated Press reports: Video evidence shows dead Afghan children after U.S. raid

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Assembly of First Nations in Canada – 7 Point Plan

The Assembly of First Nations in Canada issued a seven point plan to the government of Canada to address reconciliation with aboriginal peoples, redress injustices and improve the quality of life for all native people. The majority of First Nations children live in abject poverty. Although aboriginal people are only 2% of Canada’s population they represent more than 25% of the nations’ street homeless AND 50% of the federal prison inmates.

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Africa – The BG Experience

Volunteering with an NGO in the Congo, two volunteers set out on a two year mission to share their expertise and help the people of DRC. Barb and Gerry (BG) were tireless volunteers with us helping the homeless in Toronto. Now ready for a bigger adventure…A great real time view of volunteerism and humanitarianism at work. Each of us can make a difference.

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